Tempus Fugit (3rd Week, MT)

Oxford days have uncanny ability to slip away. One moment, the day stretches before you, flushed with productive promise. The next, it’s mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a stack of books lamentably unread and assignments still unfinished.

My schedule from Wednesday, a day in which I have just one hour of class to attend, may illustrate:

8:30 am – Did some reading for Friday’s historiography seminar, interrupted at regular intervals by thought discursives about all the other things I ought to do today.

9:30 am – Walked into town.

10:00 am – Attended class at the Weston Library on the history of Western script (which naturally ran over, an hour not really being sufficient to cover the superb contours of the Caroline miniscule . . .).

11:20 am – Tea/coffee break with classmates to commiserate about the impossibility of completing PhD applications.

11:45 am – Back to the Bodleian Library to finish reading a chapter related to my thesis research.

1:30 pm –  Off to my college to eat a quick lunch, print some articles, and look up a chapter on “Anthropology and History” (this week’s historiography topic) in the College Library.

3:00 pm – Having 20 minutes to kill, sat on the steps of the Weston library and enjoyed the sunshine.

3:30 pm  – Met with my supervisor to, among other things, try to convince him to let me use my own formulation of my thesis research topic (more or less successfully).

4:30 pm – Ran some errands and walked home.

5:45 pm – Cooked dinner.

6:30 pm – Looked up sources on SOLO, the online library catalogue, in order to construct my library “shopping list”, with books spread across half a dozen different libraries (only some of which actually allow you to take the books off the premises).

7:30 pm – Much Latin homework.

10:30 pm – Bed.

You see what I mean? Blink and it’s gone!


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