Fog (4th Week, MT)

. . . which simultaneously describes the current state of both the weather and of my brain–the latter state being principally due to the simply atrocious cold that has set up camp inside my head. As if all this studying weren’t hard enough already!

The meteorological fog I find much more attractive. I’ve just walked back from an evening seminar in Medieval History with the street lights glowing rather cheerfully in the darkness through thin veils of mists and church spires soaring majestically up into the fog.

The seminar itself was very interesting. As always, a professor was presenting a paper on medieval history. As always, far more people than can possibly be permitted by current fire regulations crammed themselves into a room in All Souls College–on chairs, window ledges, or the floor if need be–to hear it. This week, Professor Sarah Foot, the current Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, was discussing her thoughts and various issues she has encountered in formulating a plan for a biography she will be writing on the Venerable Bede. It was actually rather reassuring – to know that even Oxford academics have to take their time to hammer out and wrestle with and sort out their topics and methodologies.


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