Now is the Month of Maying (2nd Week, Trinity Term)

Weather in Oxford can often be disappointing. This year’s May Morning, however, was everything it was supposed to be, with crisp spring air, the golden sunlight of early morning warming the old stone towers, and a backdrop of bright blue skies embroidered with delicate wisps of cirrus clouds. At six o’clock, the men and boys of the Magdalen College choir sang in the morning from the top of Magdalen Tower to a crowd of thousands gathered below, followed by the joyful cacophony of the tower bells. Groups of morris dancers added their own bell-jangling, while various music groups vied for audiences in Radcliffe Square.

My own contribution was joining my choir in singing out madrigals from the very iconic Bridge of Sighs to the crowd below. It doesn’t get much more Oxford-y than that!

Bridge of Sighs, Hertford College



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