Me, Myself, and My Blog

I am currently a graduate student studying medieval history at the University of Oxford. Having completed a MSt in Medieval History here in 2016, I have stayed on in Oxford as a DPhil student in History (the Oxford equivalent of a PhD).

I started this blog with two main goals in mind (although I can’t guarantee against random discursives that strike my fancy along the way).

When I was first applying to Oxford, the consummate list-maker and fact-accumulator in me scoured the internet for official and unofficial information about what being a history postgraduate was really going to be like. So my first goal is simply to give a picture of life as a graduate student at Oxford, from morning modules to late-night pub debates.

My second goal is to document in some fashion my development as a fledgling historian and to highlight the fascinating elements of the medieval period that I uncover along the way.

My undergraduate degree was a broad and somewhat eclectic social sciences degree, so although (as I took great pains to explain in my initial application personal statement) it gave me plenty of excellent and transferable academic skills, my historical education before Oxford was primarily based on my own independent, and therefore sporadic, reading. I have therefore embarked upon my studies in history with excitement but also no small amount of trepidation. The results of this intellectual experiment will hopefully appear in some fashion throughout these posts.


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